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Policy Admin Simplified

Penn River is a Cloud based Annuity and Life Policy Administration System (native cloud) designed with pre-built functionality that is flexible, extendable, transparent, verifiable, and maintainable (simple and concise). The architecture of Penn River facilitates speed to market with stable software deployments.

Penn River Admin comes bundled with ProductHub to further reduce time to market and cost of implementations.


Configurable (NOT CHAOS)

Using our unique tiered approach to configuration we are able to deliver maximum flexibility while maintaining a coherent order and conformity to the delivered product.


Portable Products

 Blocks of business are bought and sold by insurance carriers all the time. Once a product and supporting configuration is defined on the Penn River platform it can be transfered to another Penn River installation or replicated to a separate instance in the cloud.


Riding Technology Innovation

Architectural designs of almost all policy admin systems force vendors to reinvent industry standard tools such as Source Control, IDEs, and Continuous Integration. The Penn River platform takes advantage of these excellent tools rather than reinvent them.


Born In The Cloud

Life and Annuity policy administration designed for the cloud from the ground up. Penn River platform provides one click delivery and is compatible with all major cloud providers and private clouds.


Easy Upgrades GUARANTEED

This should be expected from any software vendor, but it almost never delivered in this industry. The Penn River Certification Process provides an automated verification process that ensures our customers can take upgrades with confidence.


Fast Delivery, No Surprises

If you want to deliver fast, you must be able to get feedback and ensure stability. The combination of Cloud Architecture and Automated Certification gives us the unique blend of stability and adaptiveness unmatched in the industry.


Certification Process

The Penn River Certification Process ensures product configuration is portable and upgrades will not break your existing products.


Industry Experts

With decades of experience delivering Life and Annuity platforms, we have learned many lessons the hard way. The Penn River platform provides a framework and tools to apply the principles we've developed over those years.