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Cloud native. Unprecedented speed to market. Certified delivery.

Penn River is a cloud-native platform for Life & Annuities complex cash value products, providing unprecedented speed to market, lower cost of ownership, certified product deliveries, and guaranteed successful migrations with fast, repeatable automated testing, and transparency.


  • Reduced time to market​

  • Built & delivered by industry experts​

  • Shorter delivery cycles, easy upgrades​

  • Cloud-native platform 

Policy Administration

Policy Administration

Developed by industry experts with deep knowledge of various solutions and platforms, Penn River provides a cloud-native platform that costs less to own and maintain. With shorter delivery cycles and easy upgrades, Penn River's solution addresses the industry's most challenging, most expensive problems.

Tiered Configuration Approach for maximum flexibility. Penn River uses a tiered approach to configuration to maintain coherent order and conformity in the delivered solution.

Guaranteed Easy Upgrades. Often promised but rarely delivered, Penn River guarantees fast, easy upgrades with our solution. Our Certification process provides automated verification, ensuring carriers can take upgrades in confidence.

Purposefully built for the ability to easily instantiate multiple PAS environments carriers can accelerate product innovation and decrease time to market.

Automated Certification Process, ensuring configuration is portable and that upgrades will work with existing products within the carrier enterprise.

Innovative & Portable. Built in the cloud from the ground up, Penn River provides one-click delivery and compatibility with all major cloud providers, including private clouds. The product can be transferred to another instance or replicated as a separate instance in the cloud.

Built & Delivered by Industry Experts. The Penn River team has decades of experience in delivering Life & Annuities processing systems. Our platform applies the tools and principles we have developed through years of successful deliveries and lessons learned. 

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Included with the Penn River Policy Administration solution, ProductHub is an industry first that reduces time to market by as much as 30% and reduces carrier product development costs by up to 25%.

Gold Copy. ProductHub holds a versioned gold copy of product requirements, including product-related user stories that are verifiable.

Product Certification. User stories defined in ProductHub can be validated against third-party systems, including policy administration, new business, illustrations and claims.

Product Collaboration for high-level decision making and interdepartmental "hands off" tracking that captures why decisions were made during the process.

Open API. All requirements, rules, calculations and metrics are exposed through a robust API.

Sustainable Speed to Market

True speed to market is not simply a matter of expedience, but a comprehensive approach that incorporates a variety of critical factors, such as product development, distribution and customer


A holistic approach takes into account all of these elements to empower carriers to implement platform changes quickly and efficiently, from launching new products to deploying system upgrades to making regulatory updates to enhancing user experiences.


Learn more about Sustainable Speed, what it is and how to achieve it in the whitepaper Achieving Sustainable Speed in Life & Annuities Policy Administration: And why it's critical to carrier success.

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