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Achieve sustainable speed to market at lower costs with Penn River Policy Administration for Life & Annuities. 

Accelerate your business with Penn River Policy Administration

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Get there faster.

How do you define speed to market? Does your PAS vendor define it the same way?

One of the problems we are most often asked to solve is the complexity of launching new business and products to support carrier growth strategy. Some platforms can be deployed quickly, but as carriers grow, add products or apply updates, they find the process is lengthy and expensive. Carriers need a speed-to- market-focused solution. Penn River was designed to address this need for life insurers.

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Principle driven.

Penn River is led by highly sought after experts with a holistic view of the business and technology of insurance. We only engage in business where we can add substantial value and honor our commitments. Because our founders led the design and architecture teams for other leading insurance policy administration systems, we can make sound referrals if we are unable to meet your requirements, timeline or budget.

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Top-tier ecosystem.

A strong insurtech ecosystem is critical to remain competitive in insurance today. Penn River has built a partner ecosystem based on decades of experience working with industry-leading expansion tools and emerging insurtech technologies. We've been through the trial-and-error process with products available to carriers, and we've selected partners aligned with our speed-to-market and growth-driving standards, while ensuring alignment with the carrier's existing or preferred partner ecosystem. 


Unprecedented Velocity.
Impeccable Reliability.
Low Cost of Ownership.

Penn River provides modern cloud-native solutions that improve speed to market, reduce cost of ownership, and simplify processes for launching new products.

Founded by industry experts, Penn River is a cloud-native platform for L&A complex cash value products, providing unprecedented speed to market, lower cost of ownership, certified product deliveries, and guaranteed successful migrations with fast, repeatable automated testing, and transparency.

  • Penn River simplifies policy administration. We deliver solutions true to insurers’ business requirements, providing certified product deliveries and guaranteed successful migrations with fast, repeatable testing, traceability and transparency.


  • Penn River addresses the insurance industry’s most expensive problems a cloud-native platform for L&A complex cash value products, delivered by industry experts with first-hand experience developing market-leading L&A processing solutions.


  • Penn River’s ProductHub is an industry-first solution that provides up to 30% reduction in time to market, and up to 25% reduction in carrier product development costs by streamlining redundancies and connecting information across disparate sources, including eApps, product rules, testing and reinsurance.

Driving New Standards in Life & Annuities PAS

Faster time to market. Lower cost of ownership. Low-risk delivery.


Penn River is driving new standards in Life & Annuities policy administration by bringing together industry experts who have developed PAS solutions for leading technology providers in insurance. Our team has perfected the art and science of PAS development to bring the most modern, secure, sustainable PAS solution available to the L&A market.

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Align your organization

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Streamline state filings

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Reach distributors faster

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Simplify product rollouts


Our Advantage

  • Accelerated product development

  • Product modeling & validation certification

  • Iterative, low-input partnership

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Easy, no-code upgrades

What are industry leaders saying about Penn River?

Don Desiderato.jfif
Don Desiderato

“It isn’t very often that a new Life and Annuities Policy Administration System enters the marketplace, so I eagerly anticipated the opportunity to review the Penn River system. We believe that those considering a new PAS platform, as well as working with an insurtech startup as a strategic partner, will want to take a serious look at this solution.”

CEO & Founder 
Mantissa Group

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